At the riverbank, which keeps the memories of his childhood and his Father, whom he has not seen for years; At the edge of life, in a small village in the southwest of Maranhão, Ciço lives. At the age of 17 he earns some money opening pits for the victims of constant conflicts over land and survival. Pressed by his friends, by time and by his own memory, Ciço sets out in search of a viable future for himself and his family. He also searches for a past that may present traces of who his father is, who he has become. Ciço, his friends, dozens of other workers of different ages and backgrounds, are in Canaan. Not the ancestral Promised Land, but a farm stuck in the middle of Amazon Forest, a scar that expands on the ground at the cost of the slave labor wound. Little by little, the workers feel their bodies and their spirits waste away and any trace of humanity being extinguished. For Ciço, who has in the ambiguous image of his Father the greatest encouragement, the escape through the dense forest is the only possibility of rediscovering him self.

Directed by: Clarissa Knoll
Fiction Feature
Under development